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Never worry about a lost pet again with our safe and comfortable animal microchipping service.


All vaccines are custom tailored to your pet’s individual needs and lifestyle. We offer vaccine clinic also, with low cost vaccines on Wednesdays and Saturdays 2:00pm-6:00pm. By appointment & for dog vaccines only. Call for details.


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vetstat5The only in-house blood gas analyzer modified specifically for veterinarians. Provides fast, accurate results for electrolytes, blood gases, acid-base balance, ionized calcium, glucose, anion gap, tCO2 and bicarbonate.

  • Accurate electrolyte values (sodium, potassium and chloride levels) in less than one minute
  • Uses whole blood, serum or plasma for greater flexibility

pic blpressureThe Vet-Dop is designed to screen for hypertension, to check blood pressure in surgery, to monitor peripheral profusion in surgery. The non-invasive Doppler technique is the method of choice for measuring blood pressure in animals weighing less than 15 pounds, especially cats. Other methods, including monitors that use the oscillometric technique, are not capable of detecting the smaller vessels with accurate results. The Vet-Dop also works well on larger breeds. The Vet-Dop is the Doppler of choice and preferred by experts in the field of veterinary blood pressure measurement.

pic wirelessPC-Vet can be used in the exam room to screen for heart abnormalities that may cause problems before, during and after surgery. ECG screens often allow us to find defects that support follow on care. Dr. Larry Tilley, a cardiology consultant, states that no other diagnostic test, including ultrasound, can accurately determine the source of various arrhythmias and conduction abnormalities as is done with ECG testing. For difficult cases, the ECG printout can be emailed directly to a cardiologist for quick interpretation to determine the necessary course of action.

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