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Twice-yearly exams and lab testing are the two best ways to insure a long healthy life for your pet. Affordable Wellness packages available.


Never worry about a lost pet again with our safe and comfortable animal microchipping service.


All vaccines are custom tailored to your pet’s individual needs and lifestyle. We offer vaccine clinic also, with low cost vaccines on Wednesdays and Saturdays 2:00pm-6:00pm. By appointment & for dog vaccines only. Call for details.


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spaniel runningThink about your physical exam with your own doctor. What would your doctor be able to tell you about your health without looking at your lab tests? After all, that is the most important information your doctor has to truly asses your health. This applies even more to our pets since they can’t talk and are aging much faster than we are! Also, pets are genetically programmed to “mask” illnesses and injuries in order to avoid looking vulnerable and becoming “prey”.

Twice yearly exams and lab testing are the two best ways to insure a long healthy life for your pet.

The Adobe Pet Hospital is equipped with a State-of-the-Art, in-house laboratory which allows for rapid and accurate diagnosis of your pet’s medical condition. We also utilize two outside laboratories which gives us virtually unlimited laboratory testing capabilities.

Equally important is taking the time to explain to you, the pet owner, what the results mean and that’s where the Adobe Pet Hospital really shines. We want you to fully understand what is going on so that together we can keep your pet healthy and well.

We are very proud that the “Junior” and “Senior Wellness Blood Panels” developed by the Adobe Pet Hospital have just been described for the second time in two years in a national veterinary publication. Our blood panels are examples of state-of-the-art care for other veterinarians and hospitals across the country.

Junior Wellnessblood panels are designed to provide a baseline in the younger patient that appears otherwise healthy. This panel checks the liver and kidneys and screens for evidence of diabetes, infection, anemia, heartworm disease, Feline Leukemia and Feline AIDS in cats and three common tick borne diseases in dogs including Lyme disease. This panel also looks for hidden congenital conditions as well.

Senior Wellnesspanels are designed to give the doctor a more comprehensive look at the functions of all the major organ systems in the aging pet. The senior panel includes all the junior panel tests plus screens for Cushing’s and Addison’s disease, diabetes, thyroid problems and pancreatitis. AComprehensive Urinalysisand urine culture are also included. X-rays of the chest and abdomen are an additional screening tool for osteoarthritis, heart or lung disease and some cancers.

Best of all, our Junior and Senior Wellness Blood Panels are all performed on less than a teaspoon of blood!