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Here’s a recent success story that shows how Adobe Pet Hospital is at the top of the field in handling this unique issue:

My 13 year old Bouvier des Flandres dog, Amber, had been seen by four different veterinarians in my area over a period of 8 months for a severe and chronic ear infection. After extensive tests, a variety of treatments, and thousands of dollars, all of these vets concluded that the only cure was to have Amber’s ear canal removed. Desperate for a different solution, I searched the Internet for a canine ear infection specialist in the Sacramento area. The only canine ear specialists listed were the ones I had already seen. Then I broadened the search to the entire state of California, and Adobe Pet Hospital came up.

I made an appointment, and Amber and I made the long drive to Adobe Pet Hospital in Livermore, CA. I was impressed with the exceptionally caring staff at Adobe Pet Hospital; they made us feel welcome and treated Amber like their own family pet. The doctor examined Amber with his state-of-the-art video otoscope and showed me her ruptured eardrum and the virulent infection. Although he said it was one of the worst ear infections he had seen, they were the only vet who gave us hope for Amber’s condition. He carefully and thoroughly cleaned out her ear under anesthesia and applied medication. He then gave us the medicines and detailed instructions for her aftercare. After one month of treatment I returned for a follow up appointment. I was absolutely amazed and thrilled to look in the otoscope and see a clean, healthy-looking ear with no inflammation!! It was a three-hour drive each way, but well worth the trip! I highly recommend Adobe Pet Hospital; they are experts in the field of veterinary medicine, and specialists in the treatment of severe and chronic canine ear infections. They were able to improve the quality of life for Amber without the severe and drastic measures recommended by the other “specialists.” Abode Pet Hospital truly delivered all the quality care and experience I could have wished for. I feel so lucky that we have such a wonderful veterinarian in California, and I would highly recommend him, and his team, to everyone!


Here is what another client had to say about our approach:

barkleyOur dog Barkley suffered terribly for seven years with an ear infection until I took him to the Adobe Pet Hospital. I had taken Barkley to several different vets and nothing they did worked. The doctors at Adobe Pet Hospital cured Barkley’s infection within a month using video-otoscopy. In addition to identifying and properly treating his very resistant infection, they were able to remove the growths blocking his ear canal with their laser. I am very grateful.

Case Study: Daisy (Published in the Spring 2011 Issue of NorCal Irish Setter Rescue Review)

daisyDaisy was surrendered to NCISR in August of 2010 after suffering with chronic and seemingly incurable ear infections for three years. Tests revealed that Daisy’s ears were affected by a particularly resistant form of bacteria known as pseudomonas aeruginosa, and antibiotics were only temporarily effective before the painful infection reoccurred. The only other option, surgery, would leave Daisy deaf. NCISR Board member Ellen Glover referred Daisy and her foster mother, Stacy Thorne, to Adobe Pet Hospital after learning about her plight.

The veterinarian immediately recommended Daisy be treated at Adobe, where she would undergo a procedure he pioneered at Adobe to treat the worst cases of ear infection. First, a tiny camera is inserted into the ear canal to view the inner ear to find the specific areas of infection, then a tool that functions like a tiny firehose is used to flush the infected ear canals is used to irrigate the infected area thoroughly. Finally, they used a laser scalpel to remove the infection without more invasive surgery.

Daisy required two operations in order to completely remove the infection, but is now healthy and thriving. She receives antibiotic drops twice a day to help fight off future infections and will soon be ready to find a permanent home.