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Twice-yearly exams and lab testing are the two best ways to insure a long healthy life for your pet. Affordable Wellness packages available.


Never worry about a lost pet again with our safe and comfortable animal microchipping service.


All vaccines are custom tailored to your pet’s individual needs and lifestyle. We offer vaccine clinic also, with low cost vaccines on Wednesdays and Saturdays 2:00pm-6:00pm. By appointment & for dog vaccines only. Call for details.


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The Adobe Pet Hospital is one of very few veterinary hospitals in the Bay Area equipped with the most advanced tools and training to diagnose and treat chronic ear infections. We have both Karl Storz® and MedRx® video-otoscopy systems as well as the 20w Accuvet Super-Pulse CO2 Surgical Laser. Trained through the Advanced Laser Surgery and Video-otoscopy courses, we have the ability to perform Super-Pulse laser surgical tumor and polyp removal inside the ear canal as well as complete irrigation and cleaning of the outer and middle ear cavity (bulla).

Chronic ear infections are painful for your pet and can lead to permanent hearing loss. The Video-Otoscope allows the doctors at the Adobe Pet Hospital to better visualize the entire ear canal, ear drum and middle ear through the natural ear opening. Previously, these areas were only accessible with invasive surgery into the base of the skull. Getting to the middle ear is critical. As already mentioned, 80% of dogs with chronic ear infections have infection in the middle ear (or bulla). If this is not identified and treated, the ear infection will usually return leading to continued pain and potential hearing loss.